Aerial photo (1954-1961) of Palmer's engine works (then owned by Sterling Foundries). Photo: courtesy of "tedg" of JarrowLife. Date of photo fixed by the new houses in Milton & Spencer Streets (foundation plaques dated 1953)… opposite St Peter's church and school ; construction of Lennig Chemicals (commenced 1961); dry dock ceased operation (early 1960's). Note also the old Palmer's cabinet makers & joiners shops next to the river and the ferry landing...also the glass sections in the roofs of the outer shops in the engine works.
See here for comparison diagrams of Palmer's engine works at different times, and a request for help in identifying the original use made by Palmers of the different shops via a lettered diagram.
Click on these links for comparisons : c1960(ii), 1900, 1917, 1887, 1966, c1968, 2007(i), 2007(ii).
Also see the full wide 1900 view & labels here.

Image of 1958-61 view of Palmer’s Engine Works.