This is the section of our family which emigrated from Belfast in 1872 & 1874 to New Zealand and remained. Details on the website of these STRONGs are as follows:
Robert b. 1830; William Aberdare; Robert William; David Wallace; Joseph Lane; Agnes; Mary; John Taylor.
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Image of Robert STRONG b.1830. Image of Jane STRONG b. 1839. Image of Grave of Robert & Jane STRONG. Image of Elderly Robert STRONG b. 1830. Image of elderly Jane STRONG b. 1839.
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← Robt b. 1830
Wm Aberdare →
Image of young William Aberdare STRONG. Image of young Margaret STRONG. Image of marriage of William Aberdare & Margaret STRONG. Image of STRONGs at 1905(?) Pukekohe Show. Image of Wm & Margaret STRONG with son Joseph.
Image of elderly Margaret STRONG-1. Image of elderly Margaret STRONG-2. Image of grave of William Aberdare and Margaret STRONG.    
← Wm Aberdare
Robert William→
Image of young Robert William STRONG. Image of marriage of Robert William STRONG & Evelyn Mary BELL. Image of Robert & Evelyn STRONG at the grave of their baby in 1936. Image of grave of Robert & Evelyn STRONG.  
← Robert William
David Wallace →
Image of young David Wallace STRONG. Image of marriage of David Wallace STRONG & Phoebe DOAR. Image of middle-aged David Wallace STRONG. Image of grave of David Wallace STRONG.  
← Wallace
Joseph Lane→
 Image of the grave of Vincent Herbert GRIFFITHS
Image of baby Joseph Lane STRONG. Image of young Joseph Lane STRONG. Image of marriage of Joseph Lane STRONG & Marjorie GRIFFITHS. Image of Joseph Lane STRONG home on leave in WWII  
← Joseph Lane
Agnes →
Image of NEILL burial plot in Purewa Cemetery. Image of Agnes & Alexander NEILL's gravestone in Purewa Cemetery.    
← Agnes
Mary →
  Image of Mary STRONG’s marriage to John MEEKAN.
Image of Mary STRONG’s marriage to Alfred KENNEDY. Image of Mary STRONG’s marriage to George Douglas GEE. Image of elderly Mary STRONG. Image of elderly Mary & Marjorie STRONG. Image of Inscription on Mary GEE (née STRONG)’s gravestone. Image of Inscription on George GEE ’s gravestone.
Image of Alfred KENNEDY's grave. Image of Mary STRONG’s children. Image of Norman Edward & Dorothy KENNEDY. Image of Norman Edward & Dorothy KENNEDY’s grave.   ← Mary
John Taylor— his
wife, daughter, g- & gg-children→
No photo of John!
Image of Edith Emma STRONG (née WEBB). Image of Mary Elizabeth WEBB (née PARKER) with her grand daughter Mildred. Image of young Mildred STRONG. Image of marriage of Mildred STRONG & James NICHOLSON. Image of middle-aged Mildred NICHOLSON  (née STRONG) & James NICHOLSON. Image of Mildred’s children Rita and Gordon in 1925.
Image of grave of James NICHOLSON & Mildred NICHOLSON (née STRONG). Image of grave of Edith Emma STRONG (née WEBB. Image of grave of John Taylor STRONG. Image of John Taylor STRONG’s g-grandchildren 29 Aug 1951.