Old Orindinna Homestead.
Photo: Kind permission of Clinton Brosie. Clinton says: (this) “is the original Orindinna, with my mother [Ivy Irene BROSIE née CHICK (1926-2013)] as a child with doll …photo is probably about 1932.”
Click here for Ivy, photographed at the same time, showing the brick structure of the homestead… Ivy still holds the doll. The photos are compared here with an 1894 press account of Orindinna & the homestead.
Note 1: Jack Sullivan comments on Edna Cooper's identical photo (Ivy's elder sister 1921-2016).…i) p 15.
Note 2: George GLENNIE sold Orindinna to Ivy’s father Andrew Roy CHICK in 1926.
Homestead below demolished in 1939, new residence nearby. Later, a fowl house in its place!…i) p 189.

Source…i): Jack Sullivan. Patch and Glennie of Orindinna, Gresford; Series 1 of wine growing in the Paterson valley. Paterson historical society; 2006: 15, 189.

View of Old Orindinna Homestead. Photo: Clint Brosie.