Annie in the STEVENS 1906 10/12 hp Beeston Humber. Sydney's ledger said it was bought on 30 Sep 1909 for £130, which included a shed to house it! He sold it on 30 Jul 1910 for £125 to G.A. Sharp of Greymouth. Alan Meredith confirmed the identification. Alan is the author of a book on early Humbers in New Zealand…he cited an article perhaps about the STEVENS car: "A Beeston Humber motor car was recently sold to Mr Broadway of the well known tea-rooms in Christchurch. It is a 10 h.p. with seating for four. The car is quite up to date, with side entrances and is finished in carmine with blue upholstering. It carries the well known Beeston Humber transfer which denotes the highest grade turned out from the well known Beeston Works."
Source: New Zealand Motor and Cycle Journal. Arthur Cleave & Co., Auckland. March 1905:11.

Image of Annie in 1905 Humber