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This appendix contains supporting data for the preceding chapter 4.

Appendix 3 : The other MARQUARD siblings… what happened to Dora's brothers?

This section is a working document to promote discussion and further contributions.


Johannes Christoph (Christopher) MARQUARD.

In the preceding chapter 4 it was described that Johann Christoph MARQUARD had arranged emigration and Australian employment through the NSW immigration agent Wilhelm Kirchner. Kirchner was was born in Frankfurt am Main and had a network of agents in Germany. Christoph had an assisted passage on the ‘Triton’, arriving at NSW in 1853, and employment as a vinedresser with Alexander Park, at “Lewinsbrook” 4km SE from Gresford NSW …i)…pg 22, ii).

A reminder of Christoph's place in the family… Anna Dorothea MARQUARD was recorded in the German emigration documents (Auswanderungsakte) having three illegitimate ("unehelich") children: Johann Adam b. 4 Nov 1827; Johann Christoph b. 17 Dec 1829; and Maria Dorothea b. 17 Jul 1833, all with the surname MARQUARD. There was no mention of a subsequent marriage to legitimise these children, otherwise there would be the notation: "Unehelich, Annerkennung bei Heirat" or illegitimate, acknowledged by marriage …iii).

Christoph had to break through very onerous barriers before he could marry and emigrate. His circumstances were researched by a Baden-Württemberg genealogist Friedrich Wollmerhäuser, …v) and used as an example of the oppressive measures which were used to “hinder the increase of the poorer classes”. …iv) It is suggested that Christoph's brother Johann Adam MARQUARD (described above) faced similar problems!

Jenny Paterson quotes Wollmerhäuser's paper …v) and says:

Christoph and his fiancée Anna Maria FÜNKNER had a premarital child.They could not achieve citizenship and marry because of the povery of their situation. During the process of the application Christoph was granted citizenship temporarily so that they could be married, and then he had to renounce the citizenship to emigrate. The community supported the emigration with a payment of 20 gulden and agree to pay for a replacement should Christoph be called up for military service while still on the list (i.e. until 25 years of age). …iv)

I have a set of photostats of nine original German documents written in spidery early German Kurrentschrift which tell Christoph's story and that of his immediate family… but the task of translation has been put off and off! I must bite the bullet and get on with it.

These original documents …vi) detail the following sequence of events:

It is possible that the MARQUARDs concealed the illegitimacy of the first born son Johann Georg FÜNKNER MARQUARD by promoting the story of his birth at sea, told in the obituary of his death on 25 Oct 1936:

As briefly reported in our last issue the death occurred on Sunday last of a well-known identity of Wallarobba, Mr. George Marquet, at the age of 84. He was born at sea while his parents were on the voyage to Australia, and for a time his life was despaired of, and as his death seemed imperative a small coffin was prepared for the burial at sea, but the baby survived the ordeal and he went on to live to a good old age.
Shortly after the arrival of his parents in Australia they settled on the Allyn River, where the late Mr. Marquet spent the early years of his life, but for very many years he had resided in the Wallarobba district, where he was highly respected. His wife pre-deceased him about six months ago. He is survived by three brothers, Harry (Dungog), Phillip ("Holbrook”, Brookfield) and Faldeen (Paterson); also two sisters, Mrs. Mate (Wallarobba) and Mrs. Maurer (Gloucester). Two sisters, Mrs. Montague and Mrs. Maurer, predeceased him.
The burial took place in the Church of England portion of Dungog cemetery on Monday, the Rector officiating at the graveside. The funeral arrangements were conducted by Messrs Fry Bros. …vii)

“Born at sea while his parents were on the voyage to Australia”?? …vii) There was a similar story which concealed illegitimacy of Christoph's brother's son Andreas… "born Dec 1854, in French waters on the ‘Marbs’ voyage"! …viii See the detailed discussion at the top of this page.

The obituary account of Johann Georg's near death does not fully match the report given by the Surgeon Superintendent on board the 'Triton'. He says four times “no sickness” and no fatalities, and also “no sickness since Cowes”. Note that the ship had sailed from Hamburg on 26 Nov 1852 and called at Cowes, departing from there on 18 Jan 1853. …i A Sydney Morning Herald shipping report also had different information:

The Triton was detained for several weeks in the Channel with head winds, and had nothing but light easterly airs from the meridian of the Cape. The Emigrants which she brings from Hamburgh are principally sheepshearers and vine trimmers, and are all under engagement to serve employers who have hired them for a term of two years. No cases of sickness during the voyage with one exception, namely, that of a lady who died while the ship was lying at Cowes of gastric fever. Four births took place: one of the Infants dying shortly after being born. The Triton brings out an assortment of merchandise, wines, and spirits. …ix

The death was of Eva Margaretta, the 17 year old wife of vinedresser Georg LIEBLER from Wenkheim. …ii Perhaps our Johann Georg also had gastric fever (typhoid fever) at Cowes?

Christoph’s terms of assisted emigration required a two year contract with his employer Alexander Park, at ‘Lewinsbrook’, commencing 1853. There were four major initial land grants around the (now) Gresford NSW area. These were: ‘Camyr Allyn’, issued to Charles Boydell (now Gresford); George Townsend’s ‘Cawarra’ (now East Gresford); Alexander Park's ‘Lewinsbrook’ next on the east to ‘Cawarra’; William Boydell (Charles' brother)'s grant ‘Caergwrle’, just 6km north of Gresford at Allynbrook, on the Allyn River.

After Christoph's initial contract we find him working at ‘Caergwrle’, where he died accidentally on 4 Feb 1868. The newspaper account said:

Fatal Accident at Allyn River
An inquest was held before James Thomson, coroner for the district, at W.B. Boydell’s property ‘Caergwrle’ (Allynbrook) on the Allyn River on February 6th on the body of Christopher Marquart, a servant employed by Mr Boydell. On Tuesday last the deceased was working in the cellar and became intoxicated during Mr Boydell’s absence. Being unfit for work he was sent home. Half an hour later he was seen asleep at the door of the cellars. Two servants were told to look after him. In the morning Marquart did not turn up to work and a search was made. At one o’clock a coat and hat was found on a ledge of rock on the river bank, 35 feet above the river. They dragged for the body, and it was found at sundown. It is thought he lay down to sleep on the ledge and rolled off, striking the rocky ledge and killing himself. Verdict: Accidentally killed by a fall from 35 feet up. …x

When Christoph died, he left behind a 7 month pregnant widow and six children. Strangely, even after his death was the subject of an inquest, it does not appear in the public index of the NSW Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages. A Client Service Officer of the Registry confirmed this absence, and suggested that the reason was that registration was not compulsory at that time. In the absence of a death registration we do not have a burial location.

Image of Johann Christoph MARQUARD.Christoph MARQUARD. Kind permission of Peter Marquet.
From a photostat of an original in the Olga Marquet (d. 2013) collection, held by her son Peter.

Eight months later Anna Maria (Mary) remarried to 36 year old Martin METH (MATE) from Neudorf, an immigrant on the ‘Reiherstieg’ in 1852. Martin had a wife Eva SCHIPP from Eltville Nassau with him on the voyage. …xii It is appears that he deserted Eva and his marriage to Mary…xv was bigamous. Mary then had a further 4 children to Martin and died of heart disease on 14 Apr 1893 at Wallarobba NSW. Martin survived her by another 7 years and died in a driving accident.

The Death on Paterson Road — At 3.30 yesterday afternoon, the District Coroner (Mr G F Scott, PM) held an inquest at Blake's Hotel, Largs, on the body of the man Martin Mate, who was killed on the Paterson road, about two miles from Largs on Thursday night last. The evidence went to show that Mate was at the Belmore Hotel on the afternoon of the 22nd. He then complained of being unwell. When he left the hotel he was quite sober. He was last seen alive, driving along the Paterson road. About seven pm his dead body was found near Comerford's gravel pit. He had evidently been thrown out of the cart against the fence, for one leg was broken, his head bruised and his hands cut about. Just how the accident happened, however, there was nothing to show. Mate was a dealer by occupation, was 66 years of age and a well-known resident of Wallarobba. He leaves one son and three daughters, the youngest of whom is 23. The Coroner found that Mate had been killed by being accidentally thrown from his cart. …xi

Mary's two sets of children may not have really merged. Her first-born son George's obituary only referred to: "…three brothers, Harry (Dungog), Phillip ("Holbrook”, Brookfield) and Faldeen (Paterson); also two sisters, Mrs. Mate (Wallarobba) and Mrs. Maurer (Gloucester). Two sisters, Mrs. Montague and Mrs. Maurer, predeceased him." There was no reference to his half brother and 3 half sisters.

Note that In those days, people had a precise idea of who was related to who, even without computers! Mary's daughter Annie MATE knew she was related to her mother's deceased husband's niece Selina Annie, and had corresponded with her. (Mary had married Johann Christoph MARQUARD who was brother to Maria Dorothea who was mother to Selina Annie ROSE). In court case she said: "Annie Mate, on oath, states: I live at Wallarobba; I know the complainant; I have known her for the last three years; I am a cousin of her's; I was at service at Cawarra with her; it is going on two years since I left; after I left she wrote to me; I was then at Dungog; I received a few letters when there; I have not got the letters". …xiii Continuing this theme, Mary's son Faldeen from her first marriage was a witness to the marriage of his cousin Dora ROSE (Selina Annie ROSE's sister) when she married Thomas SOPER. …xiiv Dora was my g-grandmother. It was a small world in that area and they all knew each other! Taking all this into account, we wonder why George's obituary did not contain the names of his half brother & half sisters?

Image of Christoph MARQUARD’s sons.Christoph MARQUARD’s sons. Kind permission of Peter Marquet.
(from left) Back row: George then Faldeen. Front row: Philip then Henry. …xvi
From an original in the Olga Marquet (d. 2013) collection, held by her son Peter.
Details of Anna Maria's families with Christopher MARQUET & Martin MATE.

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Acknowledgments… (b) Johann Christoph MARQUARD:

Many thanks to Jenny Paterson for her published papers on German immigration and her kindness in corresponding with me about this area. Thanks again to Beryl DAVY of Maitland (d. 2013), Olga MARQUET (d. 2013) of Paterson and Anthony J. (Tony) BENHAM of Glenmore Park who kindly shared their MARQUART documents. Olga Marquet's son Peter kindly gave permission to use his mother's photos.


It would be great if descendants of the German ROOS (ROSE) and MARQUARD (MARQUET etc) families who might share our earliest maternal ancestor might contact me. See the e-mail link at the bottom of this page.

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