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This page contains appendix 8.


Appendix 8: List of Australian POWs from Hilton Stanton's donation to the Australian War Memorial (original author… Arthur Tranter).

Background to the List.

Image of Albie & Ivan RUSH on release from Pakan Baroe POW camp in Sep 1945.Hilton Albert STANTON, aged 74 in Sept 1997.
Hilton is still going well in 2013!
Photo: Courtesy of Brenda Tranter.

Hilton Stanton is a unique man. He was a POW in Gloegoer, taken from there to Atjeh and ended up in Pakan Baroe, all in Sumatra in WWII. Hilton has now reached the age of 90 in 2013.
Unlike most other POWs Hilton did not try to actively forget and not talk about his experiences, and run the risk of creating unintentional false or even fabricated memories later in life. Soon after his return he wrote about his war and created a list of Australian men in these terrible places.
His documents follow the ideals of academic history writing. They were written from first hand experience shortly after the event, and all data was cross-checked. Hilton said in letters to me: "The list that you sent to me (see below) was compiled by Lieut. Arthur Tranter. Arthur kept lists on scraps of paper ...all we had. At one stage in the army he had been an adjutant, therefore he knew the value of lists". Hilton made his own separate list soon after repatriation. He said: “I compiled ‘my’ nominal roll from memory and tracked all people down by mail. I compiled everything I wrote from this correspondence. Everything that I wrote is factual because I checked everything. I cringe when I hear or read statements by others.” ii)

Word would have travelled among the POWs and the miltary about Hilton's efforts and somehow he was sent Arthur TRANTER's document. Perhaps it was given to him in the context of the preparation of his memoirs, described by the AWM as: “… bound and typed copy of memoir prepared by the Army History Unit, Department of Defence.” Did the Army History Unit give Hilton the list? Hilton didn't definitely know the author of the document at the time and he sent a photocopy to Arthur Tranter with the inscription: "This is a copy of the original Gloegoer Roll. I suggest prepared by you. It appears to be your printing."  Arthur's daughter Brenda Tranter confirmed the authorship of her father’s list from her father’s handwriting. iii)

I asked Hilton about the addresses given in Arthur Tranter's nominal roll. He said: “I see nothing wrong with printing the names and addresses of all concerned. There are very few alive now, and, like me changed their address on returning home. I am only aware of 3 being still alive. You are at liberty to use anything I have written. To me the full address seems appropriate.” ii)

Arthur Tranter's list and Hilton's memoirs have been lodged with the "Papers of H.A. Stanton" in the Australian War Memorial i). I have transcribed the list (see below) and have made significant quotes from Hilton's memoirs in chapter 13. Hilton is the copyright holder of this material in the AWM and I thank him for his permission to use it in this website. Note that the original list showed its age by its yellowed appearance, missing bits in the corners and the folds obscuring the handwritten printing.

Sources for POW Lists:
i)   Stanton, Hilton Alfred. Memoir regarding experiences as a prisoner of war. Private record: ID number: PR85/074. Australian War Memorial. See here.(Two folders)

ii)   Pers. comm. Hilton Stanton. 2013.
iii)  Pers. comm. Brenda Tranter. 2013.

(The full list of POWs at Gloegoer.)

… taken from PR85/074… Folder 2 of 2. This list transcribed below complements Hilton's lists in Folder 1 of 2… Australian POWs who were lost on the torpedoed ship with those who workd on the Pakan Baroe railway.

Atjeh Sumatra Working Party Left Gloegoer 8-3-44

Tranter, Magill, MacKay, North, Alderton, Badger, Baldry, Barrett, Budden, Burnett, Collins, Davidson, Davies, Dasey, Elkin, Fisher, Frewin, Gall, Holmes, Incigneri, Jackson, Kane, La Hay (25 May 1944), Lowin, McLellan, McKenzie (2 Jan 1945), Nelson F.A., Nelson R.F., Nolan, Oxley, Pearson, Quinn, Robinson, Rodgers, Roy, Rush A.E., Rush I.J., Sawyer, Scott, Simon, Shields, Stanton, Stapleton (29 Dec 1944), Syer, Tangney, Ullyett, Ward, Wardrope, Winn, Hopson (26 April 1944)

Left Gloegoer 25-6-44, ship sunk 26-6-44.

(ω…)Richardson, Nichols, Baeyertz, Thompson, Bode, Walters, Annear, ω…Campbell, Cotterell, Extrem, Harrington, Haworth, ω…Kernan, Parish, Pointing, Smith H.H., Sime, Shepherd, ω…Burgess, Byrne, Carmichael, Cheal, Curtis, ω…Dwyer, Evans, Foster, Henderson, Kenny, McAlister, McCooey, ω…Norden, O’Donnell, Rose, Semple, Smith H.M., Squance, Taylor, Williamson, Richards, Clancy, Deery, Emmerson, Allen, Lucas, Maughan, McDonald, Roberts, Nunn, Salter, Sargent, Willms.

Code: ω… = Not returned to Pakan Baroe; = Missing believed dead; = Died; (…) = Extra information inserted by transcriber.


Appendix 8: Photo of Albie & Ivan RUSH on release from Pakan Baroe POW camp.
Image of Albie & Ivan RUSH on release from Pakan Baroe POW camp in Sep 1945.Albie & Ivan RUSH on release from Pakan Baroe POW camp in Sep 1945… Ivan on R with the hat**.
Shows P.O.W. brothers Albie and Ivan Rush from Bundarra, N.S.W. receiving a cup of tea from R.A.F. A/C Leigh.
Photo: Argus Newspaper Collection of photographs, State Library of Victoria. See here.
** (Information from Frances Rush).

Hilton Stanton commented on this photo: “The Rush brothers looked remarkably well [compared to how they looked at the end of the war]. The photo was one month from the end of WWII and all Albie and Ivan had to do was to eat and sleep until we were evacuated. Albie looked terrible at the end of the war… he was just skin and bone. He was in the "speedo" gang, working for 24 hours straight to finish the railway line on the date set by Tokyo. No-one had clothes. We had no boots. Our clothes were just a "Jap Happy"… a piece of cloth about 6 inches wide and 2 foot long, attached to a tape that acted as a belt.
We were evacuated to Singapore from the POW camp by the RAAF to Singapore. We did not get any "fancy" treatment. Some who needed surgery, got same. I had a tooth out. I think that we only had Army rations. On return to Australia we were given one month leave. Then to hospital… me for one month. I had amoebic dysentery as many did, it was successfully treated.”

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