1900 view of Palmers Shipyards (part of a view of Palmers Works). Source: Malcolm Dillon. Some Account of the works of Palmers Shipbuilding and Iron company. WE Franklin, Newcastle-upon-Tyne; 1900; 9.   See full text here. Please compare this artist's impression with images 31, 33-36, 40 in this photogallery and also with the full 1900 view & labels here. See also discussion of these images relating to Joseph LANE's death.
Click on these links for comparisons : c1960(i), c1960(ii), 1913, 1887, 1966, c1968, 2007(i), 2007(ii).
Also see the full wide 1900 view & labels here.

Image of 1900 view of Palmers Works from Malcolm Dillon's book.